Diamond Build PLC has been appointed to a framework offering up to £500m of decarbonisation retrofit work.

Created by procurement consultancy, Prosper, the framework will deliver retrofit measures aimed at improving energy efficiency for domestic and public buildings owned by public sector bodies, including housing providers and local authorities.

Following a successful tender, Diamond Build PLC has been appointed to the London and South East regional lots. Typical works will include the installation of insulation, ground and air source heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, ventilation, windows, electrical heating solutions, and roof refurbishment.

The potential four-year framework will complement activity supported through the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. This means contractors will need to comply with PAS 2035 installer accreditation requirements and hold Trustmark certification.

PAS 2035 is a specification which requires a ‘whole building’ approach to retrofit, considering all the property’s requirements both from a technical perspective and the comfort of occupiers.

John Gray, Chairman for Diamond Build Group, said: “The path to net zero is a challenging one and the whole building approach is key to that. The Prosper framework will bring together specialist contractors and suppliers to help achieve this aim and will make a significant contribution towards the decarbonisation of properties right across the country.

“We look forward to partnering with organisations across the public sector to help them improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.”

Rod Brasington, Chief Executive of Prosper, said: “This is a major framework covering all decarbonisation retrofit requirements, including cyclical investment works, for example property rewires and the renewal of rainwater goods, making it a “one stop shop” for our local authority partners.”

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