South East Consortium (SEC) has selected Diamond Build Group as a supplier on its Responsive Repairs, Voids & Planned Maintenance Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

SEC is a not-for-profit organisation providing services relating to public procurement. Its Responsive Repairs, Voids & Planned Maintenance DPS provides customers with a quick and compliant way to manage their projects. The system is divided into four Lots to suit different work streams and has been designed to benefit smaller customers and suppliers.

Diamond Build Group has been awarded a place on Lots 2 and 3 of the DPS.

Lot 2 covers works for empty properties, which are often time sensitive to enable housing providers to quickly re-let the property. Each individual customer can specify the work needed and advise on timescales.

Lot 3 covers planned capital works. Contracts will usually involve renewing or refurbishing various elements of a property such as kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, windows and doors. SEC customers can choose for individual items to be completed on an ad-hoc basis or agree a formal contract to cover their requirements over a specific timescale.

Reuben Hayes, Operations Director at Diamond Special Works said: “The SEC’s DPS is a perfect fit for our team, requiring contractors with specialist experience of repairs and maintenance work in the public sector. We have the skills to cover all work streams in our allocated Lots, including the ability to deliver improvements quickly and efficiently while minimising disruption for residents.

“We look forward to the opportunity to work with new and existing clients to help them upgrade their properties with services tailored to their specific needs.”

A DPS is similar to a framework agreement but enables a supplier to join or leave at any time, providing greater flexibility. The Responsive Repairs, Voids & Planned Maintenance DPS is expected to run for five years and is for work packages over £25,000. The other two Lots cover responsible repairs, and multi-disciplinary work.

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