Diamond Build Group has been appointed to a new £1.35bn framework, designed to support housing providers and other public sector organisations to deliver building safety compliance.

Designed and procured jointly by the Hyde Group and Echelon Consultancy, the Building and Fire Safety framework, will be managed by Pretium Frameworks, on behalf of the Hyde Group.

Building on the success of Pretium and Hyde’s first-generation fire safety services framework, it is designed to offer practical solutions to each element of work to enable compliance with the Building Safety Act, as well as building on the current fire safety-related works and services, from the original framework.

Projects of all sizes can be delivered through the framework ranging from fireproofing to external wall works. There is also the capacity to support with requirements such as building safety case reports, and resident engagement strategies.

Diamond Build Group has been appointed to Lot 10 covering the management of fire safety projects up to £2m, and Lot 11 covering fire safety projects over £1.5m, both covering various regions including the South & East.

Compliance and assurance are key, and all suppliers were subject to an intense evaluation process.

“Our first-generation framework was very much focused on fire safety,” explained Jessica John, Director of Framework Partnerships at Pretium Frameworks. “During the lifetime of that framework, the Building Safety Act came into being, providing an opportunity to reframe the new offer to build in additional works and services, supporting housing providers in all areas of building safety compliance.

“The consequences of failing to deliver on building safety are extremely serious. We’re delighted to provide an easy to use and flexible mechanism for housing providers to deliver vital building safety projects, using a competent and accredited supply chain.”

Liz Oliver, Hyde’s Safer Homes and Neighbourhoods Director added: “Our customers’ safety is, and has always been, our top priority. We’re investing significantly in building and fire safety-related works and procured this framework to allow easier access to suppliers to deliver these works and services.

“The framework was set up with excellent partners and will be available for all public sector organisations to use.”

The PCR 2015-compliant, four-year framework is split into 11 workstreams, delivered by main contractors and specialists, with nine of these broken down into regional Lots.

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