Diamond Build Group has partnered with Smart Works to help unemployed women gain confidence and secure employment.

Following a donation drive across the Group, Diamond Build has supplied a variety of high-quality clothing to the charity. The items will be used to help unemployed women regain the confidence they need to succeed at job interviews and transform their lives.

The clothing was donated in person by Diamond Build team members to the Smart Works Centre in London.

“Smart Works is a fantastic charity which dresses and coaches unemployed women, helping them to have more confidence and reach their full potential,” commented Natalya Tonkins, Business Development & Marketing Director for Diamond Build Group. “We had a great response to our donation drive, generating several bags of clothing as well as shoes and accessories. It’s great to know that even this small action could make a big difference to the lives of women in our local community. “

Based in London, Smart Works has helped more than 25,000 women in 10 centres across the UK within the last nine years. Its service harnesses the transformative power of clothes and confidence.  Each client receives a bespoke dressing consultation and receives a high-quality interview outfit free of charge which they can keep.

Women are referred from Job Centres, mental health charities, women’s refuges, homeless shelters, the prison service, care service and youth organisations.

Shanyce Morris, Partnership Graduate Trainee for Smart Works, said:

“On behalf of the team here at Smart Works, I want to send a heartfelt thank you for recent generous donation. The lovely clothing you donated will be carefully prepared by our Wardrobe team and placed in our dressing room, ready to be discovered by their new owner ahead of their job interview.

Our story is best told by our clients themselves. After visiting Smart Works recently, one of our clients Sarah told us:

“I loved the outfit I was gifted and I felt really confident and focused in my interview. They enabled me to feel empowered, they were the most uplifting group of women from reception to the stylist and then interview coach. Considering I hadn’t interviewed for around 10 years and was trying to move into a brand new sector after a long career in fashion the interviews went really well. I enjoyed them! So thank you so much, you are an incredible charity.”

Thanks to you, we can continue to help even more clients on their journey into employment. Your support is so greatly appreciated.”

More information about Smart Works can be found at: https://smartworks.org.uk/

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