The strength of Diamond Build Group’s supportive culture has been highlighted in a new publication produced by Investors in People.

Launched at the Make Work Better Conference, the book celebrates organisations with good people practices and strong organisational cultures. A variety of success stories are detailed throughout to demonstrate the positive impact of prioritising people, creating opportunity, and strengthening culture.

Diamond Build Group, which has achieved the Investors in People Gold accreditation, is one of several high-performing organisations to feature in the book’s ‘Supporting’ section. The aim is to showcase organisations with structures that ensure people are empowered, appreciated and valued.

Chairman John Gray shares his views on how Diamond Build Group is building, connecting, and collaborating from the bottom-up.

Emphasising the importance of a collaborative structure, he stresses that ‘an organisation can’t work without a structure, and people can’t work within that structure unless they understand what’s happening within the organisation. If someone’s isolated in one department, it’s as if they don’t matter. But everyone matters from the cleaner to the Chairman, from the new employee to the retiree and from the apprentice to the expert – everyone contributes to the whole.’

He goes on to explain that ‘Maintaining Social Values’ is one of Diamond Build Group’s core values.’ This sees the Group work closely with the multi-cultural, multi-faith community of Tottenham, providing regular work experience places for pupils which creates a flow of talent straight from schools.

Diamond Build Group has been recruiting apprentices for more than four decades and as highlighted by John, apprentices are ‘an essential part of our business, helping us to develop and grow.’

The Group has evolved from a refurbishment contractor to a multi- million-pound construction group of companies and as John concludes in the book ‘we have had our challenges, but through robust internal and external collaboration we continue to grow.’


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