As procurement processes continue to streamline, Diamond Build Group has been appointed to a further three frameworks within the last six months as well as a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Our most recent appointment comes from the South East Consortium (SEC), which has selected Diamond Build Group as a supplier on its Responsive Repairs, Voids & Planned Maintenance DPS. We have been awarded a place on Lots 2 and 3 covering works for empty properties, and planned capital works.

Fusion21 has appointed Diamond Build Group to a £250m framework which will provide reactive and empty building repairs, security, disrepair works, and contact centre services for public sector organisations. We have been selected for two Lots covering empty property repairs and improvements for housing organisations as well as property repairs and improvements driven by housing disrepair legislation.

In line with the urgent need to improve energy efficiency in existing homes and buildings owned by public sector bodies, Prosper has added Diamond Build PLC to its £500m decarbonisation framework. Following a successful tender, Diamond Build PLC has been appointed to the London and South East regional lots. Typical works will include the installation of insulation, ground and air source heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, ventilation, windows, electrical heating solutions, and roof refurbishment.

Our Fire Safety team has also been recognised for its specialist skills, securing a place on a £300m Fire Risk Assessment and Passive Fire Safety Framework.

Developed by Prosper, this national framework comprises two Lots. Diamond Fire Safety has been appointed to Lot 2, which covers passive fire protection services and remedial works, including fire door replacement and repair, compartmentation, and the maintenance of fire and smoke dampers.

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